Assistance Appreciated :)

For those of you have read the "Impressions" piece: A friend of mine mentioned that the characters personalities' seem inconsistent in that they are confident in one half and unsure the next. Part of that is because it's based on reality but I don't want either voice to sound insincere or disjointed. So I'd appreciate opinions on a) if the characters are believable and b) how to improve on the "truthfulness" of the piece. Thanks in advance :)

Also for those of you wondering when the next installation of erotica is going to be posted...since this is a venture in writing regularly expect one later tonight or first thing in the morning; I promise I am not shirking my self-imposed experiment



  1. I found the characters to be very believable. I think that there is sincerity in the fact that the characters (especially the female)do have that inconsistency. I liked that it reminded me of the process of reinventing oneself, even if it is moment by moment. I identified with the female character having the chance to play with being someone she had never had the chance to be before.

  2. I'm glad you could identify with the piece, it's what every author aims for :)