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It's been a while I know; I am working on something that's not quite complete yet but I wanted to post anyways. I watched a documentary today. It's one I've watched before but it still moves me to tears. "Born into Brothels: Calcutta's Red Light Kids" was filmed over a two year period in Calcutta's red light district, Sonagachi. It won the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature in 2004. Since the film's release there have been many criticisms and discrepancies regarding the positive effects the film may have had on the childrens' lives. I'm not going to comment on any of that because to me it has no bearing on the merits of the film itself and the impact the children have on the viewer. This blog was always meant to open up discussion and debate about sex, sensuality, lust, and everything else connected with what I believe is a sacred act. Watching this film always makes me realize how far the global world really is from viewing sex as something that isn't vulgar or taboo. The women in this film are prostitutes; sex isn't a choice, as it's meant to be. Idealized though it may sound, it's my belief that if we were open and honest about sex, this kind of exploitation wouldn't be as prevalent, or as accepted.

How is it possible in the 21st century, children aren't given a choice between education and prostitution? Which comes back to my point about honesty and openness when it comes to the realities of sex. Education allows for critical thinking which allows for informed opinions which...wait for it...allows for debate and discussion about important issues such as...say it with me SEX!

When sex isn't a choice, then it isn't honest. When the act is based in coercion not consent, then it is a violation of the very reasons the act exists. To experience pleasure, to form connections, to explore and empower, to beget life. This blog isn't merely to titillate and tempt, it is an attempt to shed light on sexuality, in all its expressions, as a part of the human experience; but a human experience that isn't based on choice isn't worth living.

What really grabs me about this film, truly, is that these children still laugh and smile and though most know there isn't a future outside of Sonagachi for them, they still find happiness in their lives. A child who exists in an environment where sex is everywhere, can still find pleasure. That gives me hope. Hope for a world where sex is explored not exploited, where sensuality is sacred not taboo, and where children have a choice and control over their sexual awakening.


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