The Mistress' Domain

"Hyung, hurry up! We need to get back up to the studio; there's one more track to finish and it has to be done today." Jiyong impatiently taps his foot against the table leg. Seung-hyun looks at him and goes back to eating his patbingsoo. Jiyong sighs, knowing that this hyung will not leave a spoonful of his precious red bean dessert, a rare treat at the YG cafeteria. 'At least they didn't have mini donuts this time...' he thinks as he rolls his eyes over T.O.P.'s head. feeling his phone vibrate, Jiyong pulls it from his hoodie pocket to check the message.

"💕Jagi 💕"

He smiles and opens the text: 'Home by 6. Don't be late.'

Jiyong frowns and replies: 'Jagi, I don't know if I'll be home by then. Might be a late evening.'

She answers immediately with a picture; the caption reads: ' It wasn't a request.'

He swallows hard looking at the picture: 'Yes, Mistress.'

- - - -

You hear a familiar tread coming up the stairs and cross your arms across the lace covering your chest. Jiyong steps into the room.

"You're late."

He opens his mouth to reply, but seems to think better of it. he walks to where you're standing in the middle of a room ablaze with candlelight and music. Sinking gracefully to his knees in front of you, Jiyong bows with his hands clasped:

"I'm sorry Mistress."


Jiyong looks up, silent.

"You may"

"I don't have an excuse Mistress."

"I didn't ask for an excuse, I asked why you deliberately disobeyed me."

He inhales sharply and you notice his eyes take on a wet sheen.

"I...we..." he sighs.

You say nothing, waiting.

"Recording went late; I tired to hurry, but the last track wasn't where I wanted it to be and T.O.P. hyung wasn't concentrating, then YG Appa came in and wanted to listen to the whole album and..."


Jiyong trembles and a few tears escape before he bows his head again, obscuring your view of his face.

You reach down to run your fingers through his disheveled hair as you kneel in front of him.


Startled at hearing that word from your lips, Jiyong looks at you. You trace the path of drying salt down his cheek.

"You have a safe word for a reason're supposed to use it."


"Whenever you aren't ready or don't want to play you use that word. That includes the moment you walk into this room."

You cup his face and give him a chaste, sweet kiss.

"We are partners love, in everything. That means trusting one another and keeping each other safe from harm, especially from ourselves. Power play is one thing Jiyong, but this feels more like self-flagellation, and that I won't allow."

You get up, tugging Jiyong's hand. He gets up after you and follows you to the bed, where you hold up the handcuffs you texted him a picture of earlier. he looks at you, confusion in his eyes.

"You asked once if I'd ever submit to you, in this room. I think today we'll try something a little different."

"But..." Jiyong looks at you, unsure but perhaps a little excited as well.

"I trust you."

"You don't have a safe word!" He blurts out, making you smile.

" I think Jaaneman works, don't you?" You hold out the handcuffs. Jiyong slowly takes them from you, just as the music changes. Familiar lyrics to an old favourite make you chuckle softly: ' I am your god; call me, call me, call me Master.'

"How appropriate..." you say as you kneel in front of the bed and look up at Jiyong's face, lit by the flickering candlelight, "...Master."

--End Part Two --
© Briar Rose

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