The Dam

“Ye should’ve seen ‘im lads; fucking brilliant, a stallion!”

Dano described my performance in Amsterdam with relish for what seemed like the hundredth time since we’d been back. He couldn’t get enough of the reflected glory, but I was getting tired of it. None of it was true, but only I knew that. And the whore.

The Dam, land of vice and weed; we landed stoned. Dano and I and resolved to find ourselves the best little whorehouse in Denmark; we couldn’t very well come to the country with the most famous legal red-light district in the world and not enjoy its attractions. As far as we were concerned we'd be contributing to the GDP. Liberated from the oppressive nature of our homeland, blitzed and bashful, we chose to stick together in our hunt for the perfect prostitutes. We agreed that it would be prudent to choose two in the same area so we could somewhat share the experience but after an exhausting, yet enjoyable, search we found ourselves without bedmates: each time we found two would-be lucky ladies, both wanted the same one.

At the brink of failure we stumbled upon an establishment that boasted “THAI MASSAGES.” Chronic logic told us that since the girls were Thai it was a good bet they’d look the same, thus preventing any jealousy from either of us. A lovely bird answered the door and proceeded to inform us of the rules: fifty guilders for the pleasure of a suck or fuck; anything above and beyond the basics was extra. We weren’t about to argue after our long search yielded such luscious fruit so we followed her and another young lady down the dim corridor.

A sense of elation pervaded through my paranoia. 'This is a valuable life experience,' I thought; The adventure I’d been denied thus far in my short, yet varied, existence. I followed Dano & his girl into what was a pathetic excuse for a room. She turned around and proceeded to scare the shit out of me, screaming that my room was back out the passage; this would not be a two for one kind of deal.

“Where the fuck are ya goin,’ ye fool?”

Dano’s idea of encouragement left something to be desired from my shaking and startled self. ‘Things can only improve from here’ I thought to myself. My “masseuse” took me by the hand and led me, like a child, to her own room as I fought the urge to run for the door. She was tall, strange for an Asian girl, though her thigh-high boots were heeled, making it difficult to tell.

“Pay now.”

She stated with all the allure of a dick doc going in for a closer look. With the fifty gilders in hand, she introduced herself as Mimi and that she would suck and fuck for one hundred gilders. Still not fully aware and not wanting to be had I shook my head, anxious to get the deed done and be on my way. I fumbled trying to undress, still too stoned to coordinate my actions and thoughts. Mimi took me to a small sink and washed my limp member, unwontedly gentle; she cleaned her pussy with the same delicacy, a strange tribute to hygiene. Motioning for me to sit on the small bed, she began unwrapping a purple condom. The whole process was clinical almost to the point of sterility, as if I were the starring role in a low-grade porno. Mimi grabbed my dick, yanking me out of the purple haze of my thoughts and tried vainly to bring me to life; it was painful to watch as she struggled to slip the condom over my wilted cock; it would’ve been easier to convince the pope he was Protestant.

Mimi, however, proved she was worth her fifty guilders slowly coaxing dear willy out of hibernation. Not one to miss an opportunity she began to suck vigorously, hoping to quickly bring me to climax. I tried to look anywhere but at her frantically bobbing head as she continued to suck and squeeze, to no avail, for the next fifteen minutes. I felt guilty, though somewhere I knew I shouldn’t have cared since I’d paid good money to have her mouth on my dick and I’d never have to see her again. She gave up, her jaws unable to continue, informing me I could fuck her as consolation. Part of me was thrilled to be able to milk this experience, though most of me was embarrassed at my body’s lack of enthusiasm. Mimi lubed up and took up her position on the bed, eyes staring at the ceiling, thighs apart, cunt exposed. I kneeled between her legs, taking a few minutes to convince my mind and my cock to respond.

Between the blazing and the bizarreness of the whole episode, I only managed a half-erection, but at that moment it was just enough. I thrust into her slick vagina at a furious pace, slowly hardening up but still unable to finish the job. Mimi’s voice added to the slapping sound of my hips.

“You go if you no finish quickly.”

Thanks Mimi, way to make a boy feel like a man; no words of encouragement were coming from the motionless oriental. Up close and personal she wasn’t even an attractive example of the Thai race. Face haggard, breasts flaccid, pussy worn. After an eternity of plunging, Mimi, obviously wanting to move onto her next customer, began moaning energetically finally causing me to shoot my load into her used goods. Pulling myself out of the rental, I pulled off the cum-filled glove, leaving it on the bedside table. Wiping myself and dressing quickly, I gave my working girl a curt farewell and went in search of Dano

“What the fuck took ya so long? You’ve been in there over half an hour. Thought you’d left without me.”

“Gettin’ my money’s worth.”

Dano had succumbed and paid the one hundred gilders for the suck and fuck I’d gotten for fifty. The fact that I’d enjoyed an extra fifteen minutes didn’t sit well with my mate as I described, with delight and deceit, the prolonged blowjob and how I returned the favor by giving her the best bang she’d ever had. But simmering resentment turned to reluctant awe, and then finally to unrestrained glee as he recounted to the lads my vigor and virility.

I was a stallion. Only I knew the truth. And Mimi, my first whore.

Thanks to a dear friend for lending me his story to warp at will. -BR

© Briar Rose

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