Flying High

Sean waited in the queue with the rest of the passengers to London. The plane was delayed, as if the week hadn't started out bad enough. Sean had been looking forward to this trip for 6 months. Fiona had been excited too; she'd planned most of their weekend in the city and yet here he was alone. On Wednesday evening a teary-eyed Fiona told him she couldn't do it anymore. She was confused; she cared for him but things were just moving too fast. She needed time.

'What the hell does that mean?' Sean shook his head angrily. And why had she waited days before their trip to tell him. Now he was flying off to London for a romantic weekend by himself. The speakers crackled overhead with static as the flight personnel finally made the boarding announcement. Sean handed his passport and boarding card to the young attendant:

"Have a nice flight sir." She smiled at him.

Sean merely grunted and wheeled his bag onto the plane. Quickly finding his seat, Sean lifted the suitcase into the overhead bin and settled in. Taking out his phone he contemplated texting Fiona.
Would she change her mind? Would his ardent attempt at convincing her pay off? Before he could begin composing a message a flight attendant came by and politely motioned for him to turn his mobile off. In his ire he didn't realize it was the same girl that had taken his boarding card and she was now glancing back at him curiously as she did the final check.

Sean sighed as he fastened his seatbelt and leaned back into the cushioned seat. The flight was less than two hours, but already he felt as if he'd been traveling for days. The flight attendant passed him again and Sean felt that she watched him more closely that normal.

'Women,' he thought to himself as he rolled his eyes. Looking out the window he could see that it had started to drizzle: 'fitting.' As the flight attendants went through the safety procedures the plane rolled forward on the tarmac heading towards the runway. Sean closed his eyes as it taxied and took flight. He was tired and wanted just a few moments peace before having to deal with London.

"Excuse me sir, would you like something to drink?" the melodic voice seemed to be inside Sean's head. As he opened his hazel eyes he realized that the voice was above his head and it wasn't even speaking to him, but rather the man beside him.

"Oh" the flight attended startled as Sean shifted himself upright, "I'm sorry to have woken you."

"S'ok" he mumbled back.

"Miss, I'll have a diet coke," the older man beside him impatiently tapped his fingers on the tray in front of him.

"Of course sir, " she scrambled to pour the drink; as she passed the cup over Sean, a young boy wrestled away from his mother’s grip and went careening into the flight attendants legs. The cold dark liquid spilled over the plastic rim right into Sean's lap.

"Oh dear god! I'm so sorry sir, let me just get you some towels."

The flight attendant rummaged around in the cart, wisps of her auburn hair came undone from her ponytail as she became more flustered. The child on the floor beside her began to cry and she tried to calm him while attempting to find the towels.

"Miss its fine, I'll just got to the toilet and dry off..."



"Miss my diet coke"

Sean got up off his seat, picked up the child and handed him over into the waiting arms of the embarrassed mother and walked towards the back of the plane as the flight attendant stared after him, the man in the next seat clamoring for his drink.

Sean pushed open the washroom door and snapped the lock. The fluorescent lights flickered on and he stared into the mirror. Grabbing a wad of toilet paper he began to wipe the sticky liquid from his jeans, just as he sat onto the lid of the toilet there was a knock at the door: ‘shit.” Sean unlocked the door and standing in front of him was the flight attendant:

"I brought you some club soda and towels..."

"Thanks." Sean went to take the towels, but he'd run out of space and hands in the cramped cubicle.

"Here let me." The flight attendant took the sopping wet tissue from his hands and came into the washroom with him. Dumping the sticky paper into the bin, she poured some club soda onto a towel and handed it to Sean.

Sean looked at her quizzically but he took the towel from her hand anyways and began to wipe his pants. He looked up at the young woman and saw he biting her teeth and cringing:

"It’s not going to help if you do it like that..."

"Why don't you do it then" annoyed Sean threw the towel at her. Catching it with one hand she pour a little more club soda onto the towel, knelt down and began to dab lightly at the dark stain on Sean's crotch:

"Since we're up close and personal, I'm Eva" she didn't look up at him.


"I know..."


"Your boarding card."

"Right so..."

Sean shifted on the toilet cover, he was beginning to get uncomfortable; Eva's hands moved up and down the inside of Sean's leg. All of a sudden she stopped and gave Sean a smirk.

", I should be ok now, thanks..." Sean stumbled over his words, embarrassed and more than a little pained. Eva looked up at him and didn't move. Instead she began to undo the snap of his jeans and pulled down the fly of his zipper.


"Do you mind?"

"Well, I mean...I don't think..." Before he could get out the words, Eva had taken the liberty of pulling his jeans and jocks down to his ankles and had her head bent over his legs. The next thing he knew her mouth was on him slowly sucking, her tongue twirling around the growing length of him. Her hand gently rubbed and squeezed his balls creating a curious and not unpleasant sensation in the pit of his stomach.

Eva continued to nip and suckle his penis; Sean knew he wouldn't be able to control himself much longer. He pulled Eva's mouth from his crotch and brought it to his lips. He tasted salt as his tongue plundered her moist mouth. She groaned softly as his fingers unbuttoned the fitted jacket she wore. Creamy globes popped out of the tight fabric, unencumbered by a bra. A spray of freckles dotted the fair skin, the nipple dark and taut, aching to be licked. Sean obliged and took one of Eva's breasts into his mouth using his teeth and tongue to bring them to peak. Eva's mouth was against his neck kissing against his jaw line and as he suckled her other breast she whimpered against the black stubble on his chin.

Without shifting his lips from her bare chest he reached under her skirt:


Not only was Eva lacking a bra but she was also devoid of knickers and stockings. He kneaded the soft folds between his fingers, slipping one, then two into her hot flesh. Slowly he withdrew his fingers and then slipped them in again, quickening his pace until her breathing became heavy and labored. He pulled her up onto his lap and positioned himself to make them both as comfortable as possible. He slipped himself into her as she sucked in her breath. She was tight and wet; cautiously his lifted her hips up off his legs and she used he legs to keep herself balanced. Starting leisurely Eva and Sean moved against each other, the rhythm becoming more wanton and urgent as their dance of flesh and sweat reached a frenzied pace. Sean looked into Eva's eyes as she bounced against him:

"Yer eyes are like the Irish Sea misted over with rain..."

"Shut Irish, always with the romance..." She untangled her long fingers from his dark and damp hair and held onto his shoulders.

"I'm not trying to be romantic; just honest." He squeezed her waist and she yelped, her nails digging into his skin. She smiled down at him; lifting her legs off the ground, she clamped them around him, allowing him to fill her deeper and harder. He reached his fingers down as she continued her ride, rubbing her clit; without warning her body tightened and she gasped as she reached her peak. The orgasm continued to roll with in her as Sean kept up the tempo, prolonging Eva's pleasure.

As Eva came down from her high, she used her tongue and teeth on Sean's nipple and reached under him to massage his balls, forcing him to get to where she'd already been faster. They were going a break neck speed, the toilet seat squeaking beneath them. Neither of them made much sound, careful of anyone outside that could be listening. Sean began to moan as Eva continued to ride his cock with all the skill of a jockey putting a thoroughbred through his paces. Just as Sean climaxed against Eva's slick and heated flesh, a tinny voice filtered through the haze of thoughts.

"Passengers the captain has indicated we'll be descending into London momentarily. Please return to your seats, fasten your seatbelts, and have your chair and tray in the upright locked position."

Eva climbed off of Sean's lap; she buttoned up the gold buttons on her fitted jacket and smoothed down her matching green skirt. She turned towards the mirror, adjusted her ponytail, licked her lips and unlocked the bathroom door:

"Welcome to the Mile High Club Mr. Casey." She blew him a kiss and headed out to begin landing procedures.

Sean stared at the now closed door. Shaking his head he pulled up his pants and splashed some cold water on his face. He quietly opened the door, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible and headed back towards his seat. The grumpy man in the next seat was asleep, mouth open and a trickle of drool sliding down his chin.

As the plane landed and pulled up to the terminal Eva passed down the aisle collecting headsets and garbage. She didn't pause, or even look at Sean. For the third time in less than 24 hours Sean was confused. The plane stopped and Sean leapt out of his seat, grabbing his suitcase from the overhead bin, wanting to get out of the plane as quickly as possible. As he waited for the other passengers to exit, he reached for his mobile phone and turned it on. When he reached the plane doors it was Eva who was wishing the passengers well. She smiled at him and held out her hand:

"I hope you had a good flight sir." He took her hand and felt a piece of paper slip into his. He walked into the terminal and unfolded the piece of paper:

in case you get lonely before the flight back

Just as he read the final words his pocket vibrated. He pulled out the phone and saw that he'd received a text message while he was in the air; it was from Fiona:

"I'm sorry, I'm an eejit; I'll be on the next flight to London. Forgive me?"

© Briar Rose

© Briar Rose

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